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Course Contents
In today’s fast paced Administrative Assistant marketplace, you must be completely fluent with the ever-expanding diversity of knowledge. Jobs are available, salaries are good and there are employers who need Business Administration certified professionals.
NetTek Training, through our professional diploma courses, has already help hundreds of individuals change their lives. Become one of our graduated and experience the difference can make….
NetTek’s Academic Program Development department consists of a team of educational professionals, who continuously develop, review and update our curriculum. This team ensures that our curriculum meets Ministry guidelines and requirements as well as the current job market.
NetTek’s Business Administration Diploma courses content is based on industry certification requirements determined by Microsoft, and other Accounting software developers. If you determine that the certification is an additional goal to your NetTek Training diploma, our courses will help to prepare you for your exams.
Furthermore, your active participation in the NetTek training will help you to develop confidence and hands-on in a Business Administration professional.
Upon successful completion of these program you will be able to:
  • Use fundamental system commands appropriate to operating systems
  • Prepare general ledger, Prepare journal entry
  • Manage accounts receivable, Manage accounts payable, Prepare trial balance
  • Open and close books for auditors, Prepare financial statements
  • Prepare payroll, Invoice clients, Conduct credit and collections
  • Assess fixed assets and depreciation
  • Prepare reports, Perform foreign currency exchange,
  • Store, update and retrieve financial data
  • Manage inventory control
  • Perform general office duties
  • Perform clerical duties, such as maintain filing and record systems,
  • Collect, analyze and organize relevant information from a variety of sources
  • Use a variety of computer software and other technological tools appropriate to perform essential business tasks
The Purpose of this course is to provide an extensive knowledge and skills of Business Administration to the students. Students will be trained in a unique hands-on environment, directed by an instructor while the students work on their computers.
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